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Easter Egg-stravaganza

Hi The Fellowship parents!


Are your kids bummed that all of the Easter egg hunts have been canceled this year? Well…we have some exciting news for you! This year we’ll be hosting the “The Fellowship's Easter Egg-stravaganza: Home Edition.”


This is a really fun Easter egg hunt you can do with your kids at home. You provide the plastic Easter eggs and candy, and we’ll give you the video and print materials to transform your hunt into a fun-filled, Gospel-centered experience. It’s so easy to do!


To get started, click this link in the email that has gone out to you to download the print materials, then follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the directions document. If you have not received the EMAIL please contact us on our Facebook page and we can send you the link there. Be sure to bookmark or save the link for later so you can play it when it’s time for the Easter egg hunt.


Lastly, even though we’ll all be doing the Easter egg hunt separately, we want to make this a community experience. Be sure to take pictures or videos of your kids in action. and post them on our facebook page or send them to us via Email to thefellowshipaw@gmail.comAfterward, we’ll put together a compiled video of our Easter Egg-stravaganza.


We hope and pray that this fun little experience helps you lead your kids towards their ever-loving, ever-living Savior. Happy Easter!

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